Applicut AH – manual cutting machine for appliqué fabrics











Manual machine for the cutting of appliqué fabric or other material, embroidered or sewn and for the cutting of holes with complicated inside and outside forms along an embroidered, sewn or scalloped edge. With the same cutting head this machine cuts even big holes. The worldwide pending patent allows a fast, secure and easy cutting of appliqué fabrics already after a short learning period.



The machine is a table model and is fast set up and because of that it needs only a small stacking ground. Several cutting fingers allow a broad spectrum of use and the solution of many cutting problems.

Included in delivery: 1 replacement finger, 10 knifes, tools and lubricant


Technical details

Weight net 16 kg, Measurement 76 x 48 x 28 cm

Electrical details:

1 x 220 V; 50Hz,
or 1 x 110 V; 60Hz.