HZ 78 – manual cutting machine for cutting festooned articles

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Manual machine for cutting embroidered or festooned articles such as handkerchiefs, collars, badges, motifs, etc. It is also suitable for small series and lustrations of raschel and leavers bands.



The machine works according to the principle of a rotating circular knife protected by an edge feeler.

The transport of the material is implemented with hand, as the edge of festoon, which can be cut out, is pulled along the feeler borders. The rugged worktop can be bent up to an angle of 20° if necessary. This device makes it possible to adjust the worktop stepless at the most comfortable angle of inclination.

The cutting system is stepless swivelling up to an angle of 45 degrees and can be adapted to the different requirements (length and height of the embroidered arc).

The operation of the machine is very easy. After a short training period the output per hour amounts already the multiple of the conventional manual work.


Technical details

durable construction, large working reliability


Weight net 61 kg, Measurement 100 x 80 x 100 cm


Electrical details :

1 x 220 V

or 1 x 110 V

Other electrical current possible with transformer