ED 2 Entre-deux – cutting machine to separate straight lined













Scalloping machine for « Entre-deux» to separate straight lined or wavelike the «Entre-deux» to manufacture curtains and to cut embroidery bands at the same width as well as for other special uses.

The separation line can be adjusted very exactly with the micro-meter screws.

The transport of the fabric is automatic. The scalloping speed is stepless adjustable with a pedal.



The machine separates easily and perfectly all fabric qualities in natural or synthetic fibres and blends. The fabric is separated by the pressure of the circular knife. This system is the only one which allows a perfect scalloping without any fraying at the edges. The small space required by the machine allows the dividing of «Entre-deux» with intervals of only 10 mm up to 300 mm.

The working width of 1.40 m allows dividing whole embroidered width in two equal parts. This increases the production substantial.

The machine can produce up to 200 stripes of 10 yards per hour.


Technical details

Weight net 110 kg, Measurement 192 x 60 x 135 cm


Electrical details

1 x 220 V,

or 3 x 380 V

or 3 x 220 V