RA 30 – Shuttle tension adjusting apparatus

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Efficient semi-automatic machine to empty, fill up and adjust the shuttles of embroidery and quilting machines. Compact working place for the complete handling of shuttles.

Protection of feather spring and bar of the shuttles because the machine controls the adjusted thread tension.

The machine handles all common types of shuttles.



Adjusted shuttles have one up to 20% reduced yarn consumption by practically simultaneous running out of the bobbins.

Complete handling of up to 400 shuttles per hour.

The modern electronic control is in a separate board. At the control panel the following parameters can be adjusted and read: Thread tension in gram, tension tolerance

+/- in percentage, number of well adjusted shuttles.

If a shuttle cannot be adjusted within the programmed tolerance, it will be sorted out.

The ergonomic working place – with or without special chair – enables easy work and high production.


Technical details

Machine without chair:

Weight net 120 kg, Measurement 140 x 60 x 136 cm

Machine with special chair:

Weight net 120 kg, Measurement 140 x 110 x 140 cm


Electrical details 
1 x 230 V
or 1 x 110 V, 3 KW / h,


Air pressure 5 – 6m³ dry air per hour.