PA 801 - Cutting machine for Raschel-, Leavers- and embroidery laces



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Automatic cutting machine for Raschel, Leavers- and embroidery laces, for an universal use. It works according to the principle of rotating circular knife protected by an edge feeler. The transport of the fabric as well as its feeding to the edge feeler is fully automatic thanks to two small squeezing devices with stepless speed adjustment and the electronical controlling. This device allows the perfect cutting even of narrow bands.



The cutting machine cuts neatly und easily all kinds of embroidered fabrics, Raschel and Leaver bands as well as specialties such as double cloth, allover, etc.

The rollers can be easily lifted with a pedal. The fabric can be more easily feeded to the rollers because you have your hands free. The rear feeling roller can be adjusted in the angle.

The swiveling cutter head contributes to the multifarious usability of it.
The hourly production is 80 – 160 embroidery bands of up to 3000m Raschel or Leavers bands.


Technical Details

Weight net 140 kg, Measurement 110 x 90 x 90 cm


Electrical details

1 x 220 V

or 3 x 220 V

or 3 x 380 V

Other electrical current possible with transformer