GM 2002 fully automatic cutting machine for second side












Fully automatic cutting machine for the second side of embroidery, Raschel and Leavers laces or for narrow belts of embroidered and worked Galons.

The transport of the fabric as well as the guiding of the festoon to the feeler is automatically by two rollers which are electronically controlled and whose speed is stepless adjustable. The feeling roller is stepless adjustable in its position and its advance speed (for flat and deep scallop). Feeding rollers can be easily lifted with a pedal. Fabric can be more easily feeded to the roller because you have your hands free.

A broad pallet of edge feelers is available for all kinds of fabrics and scallop forms.

The cutting head can be pivoted in any desired position.



The machine is provided with two blowers and allows a perfect outlet of cut and waste bands from the machine. Thanks to the feeding frame, which is adjustable in its height, and equipped with guiding rollers and an adjustable tensioning device, the band which has to be cut, will be perfectly feeded to the cutting head.

The machine is easy to operate and needs only short instruction time. One Operator can handle and control easily up to four machines.


Technical details

Weight net 180 kg, Measurement 95 x 85 x 190 cm


Electrical details

1 x 220 V,

or 3 x 220 V

or 3 x 380 V

Other electrical current possible with transformer