WMA 3 fully automatic winding machine











Fully automatic winding of bands on rolls behind a production machine for the following process inside the factory. The machine is convenient for rigid, elastic and very elastic bands and for roll diameter from 25 to 50 cm.

A programmable counter-meter, which stops automatically when the pre-programmed number of meters is achieved, is part of the standard equipment.



The winding machine is the universal apparatus behind a production machine for embroidery, Raschel and leavers bands or other textiles for the storage and the rational transport inside the factory.

The winding speed is automatically adjusted to the speed of the other running machine by an oscillating roller. The band tension and the winding pressure can be adjusted continuously with the counter-weight at the oscillating roller. The speed and stroke of the traversing motion for a permanent winding can be continuously adjusted.


Technical details

Weight net 110 kg, Measurement 110 x 110 x 140 cm


Winding speed 0 120 m/minute


Electrical details

1 x 220 V

or 1 x 110 V

50 or 60 Hz