TL CMM Tensionless controlling and measuring machine for textile and other bands











Machine for the visual control of quality and tensionless measure of textiles and other bands. The tensionless measuring system has been designed especially for elastic products.

Base machine can be combined with other Perfecta machines and devices, such as illumination table, WM 21, WM2, WM3 and AWM 1.

The options luminous table, Label Printer and Pattern Control can be delivered with the machine.



Because of a clear arranged control unit the machine guarantees a simple handling. Any desired length can be easily pre-set and the program will automatically stop process. The digital display allows exact reading of the measured lengths.

The machine is the ideal accessory for every modern band manufacturer, who needs exact and fast quality control of its products.

Technical details

Weight net 190 kg


Max. lace width 30 cm

Electrical details

1 x 220 V; 50 cycles