OPTOTEXFORM Mouldingmachines

The OPTOTEXFORM Mouldingmachines of Perfecta Schmid AG are especially for special operational area and is characterised by following features.

-     easy operability:

The calibration of depth at spherical shape occurs by a balance wheel and can be read on a scale. The change of the forms has been designed easily and needs no readjustment.


-     energy-saved heating of the forms:

All forms are heated directly. The time of preheating is reduced because the heating of the carrier plate slips. Through gauge the temperature directly on the form high temperature accuracy is attained.


-     cost-saving construction:

In consequence of two independent moulding stations with one control module, the costs, compared to previous types, are significant less. Expensive components like temperature regulator or memory programmable controlling unit are required only one time.