OTF 2043 - Mouldingmachine

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This machine is suited to all used materials in the clothes and lingerie industry. It handles elastic and inelastic fabrics, foam and fibrefill. Similar to all machines of the 2040 series there are two independent mould stations combined with one control unit. Both mould stations can be operated independently. The machine is based on the 2042 machine, but has an additional turntable. It is especially suitable for postmoulding.


The platform can be loaded during the moulding cycle. Because of that the moulding time is shortened. The time between the form cycles is then reduced to 7 seconds.
The machine has two moulding stations with a turntable at each station, but is also available with only one moulding station.

The machine has three stations: Loading, Moulding, Cooling


Technical details

Weight net 465 kg, Measurement 180 x 85 x 200 – 210 cm


Compressed air connection R ¼’’


Electrical details

400 V / 50 Hz / 16 A
variable to 230 V / 50 Hz / 25 A