OTF 2045 - Mouldingmachine

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This machine is a further development of our very successful type 2044 to an automatic moulding machine. In a feeding unit, pre-cut foam pieces of an hour production can be stored. The quantity of foam pieces depend on the thickness of the foam. When the thickness is 6 mm, you can store 125 pieces or 80 pieces when the thickness is 10 mm. Light barriers keep the staples at working level.

An adjustable needle system transports the cut foam pieces in the mould and takes them out after the moulding process. Then the moulded cups are held in the air cooling and then stacked.


In the machine you can put two double 3D-CAD moulds. All the moulds are provided with our Direct – Heating – System “DHS” which reduces energy costs and guarantees an optimal temperature regulation.

The moulding time varies strongly depending on thickness and quality of the foam.
With a thickness of 6mm there is following consumption:

Moulding time 40 seconds
Loading time 15 seconds
Total time 55 seconds

From it results a total number of items of approx. 130 pair per hour


Technical details

Weight net 400 kg, Measurement 155 x 150 x 225 cm


Compressed air connection R ¼’’


Electrical details

400 V / 50 Hz / 16 A
ther electrical current possible with transformer