Moulding test unit Type 3032 VMU

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It is a single-headed moulding machine based on our series of moulding machines 2042 and 2043, but with additional sensors and interface so that all relevant parameters are memorized, documented and evaluated. Moulding Test Unit 3032 VMU (volume test unit) has been developed with the purpose of testing fabrics under exact conditions, not only for quality control, but also for testing new fabrics and designing new articles. This machine is for multiple usages in the whole production process. From the development and production of new fabrics, to the design of new styles and products and even for the controlling of the running production process.


All fabric moulding sizes can be mounted in the machine, up to the very largest size. The machine software is programmed especially for each mould shape. It measures and documents the parameters under similar weights like the female breast. The software reports the set and actual temperature, the moulding time and depth, the moulded cup depth before and after washing and the clamping pressure. It evaluates the linear and surface stretch and the volume before and after washing.

Technical details

Weight net 250 kg, Measurement 180 x 31 x 200 - 210 cm


Compressed air connection R


Electrical details

230 V / 50 Hz / 16 A