RA 32 Shuttle tension adjusting apparatus




















Efficient and precise shuttle tension adjusting apparatus for embroidery and quilting machine shuttles to empty, fill up and adjust the thread tension of shuttles. The shuttles can be clamped and unclamped without any difficulties. The machine can handle every common type of shuttle.



The machine is with 2 control heads and 1 electronic control panel. It guarantees lowest thread consumption and is maintenance free. At the control panel, following main parameters can be programmed and read: Thread tension in gram, tension tolerance +/- in percentage and the number of well adjusted shuttles.
The maximum output is up to 800 shuttles per hour.

Technical details

Weight net 120 kg, Measurement 140 x 82 x 140 cm


Compressed air connection: dry air 5 6 bar, 900 l/h


Electrical details

1 x 230 V; 50 Hz

or 1 x 110 V; 60 Hz